INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR AGREEMENTThis agreement governs the relationship between MAG WILDLIFE & PEST CONTROL (forward known as “The Company” and the independent contractor or Lead Generating Partner (LGP).

LGP contact information:
First Name:
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This agreement takes effect immediately, as of the effective date, and remains enforced up until termination of any party, at any time or reason; or breach of this agreement by either party.

1.1 The LGP’s sole responsibility is as a referral service.
1.2 In no way is the LGP to represent themselves as a pest control operator, salesman or do inspections treatment, or take any remitance for service for the company which is prudent to Florida law.
1.3 The Company intends that the LGP be engaged as an independent contractor of The Company, nothing in this agreement will be construed to create the relationship of employer and employee, principal or agent or joint venture or any other fiduciary relations.
1.4 The LGP may not act as agent, or on behalf of The Company or to represent The Company or bind The Company in any matter.
1.5 The LGP will not be entitled to Worker Compensation, Retirement, Insurance or any other benefits afforded to employees of The Company.
1.6 The LGP shall hold harmless The Company, its affiliates and its respective officers, director, agent and employees from any liability, claims, or demands. Losses, cause of action, damages, accidents, bodily injury, lawsuits, judgement, including attorney’s fees, and cost arising out of or relating to, the LGP’s service under this agreement.

2.1 The Company is responsible for all selling, inspections, and treatment.
2.2 The Company holds LGP harmless for any work or liabilities rendered by The Company.
2.3 The Company pledges to pay all commission on paid invoices due to LGP, on the first of every month closing on the 20th of every month.

By submitting this registration, you agree to the above mentioned terms of this agreement.